Animal Enslavement

Whilst traveling in Gran Canaria this month I thought it would be a fun activity to do camel riding ( Never done it before ) So me and my friends decided to go!

When I first saw the camels they seemed to be in distress! When one worker was close to the camel it was moaning constantly as if annoyed and the worker commented that the camel didn’t like him which made me quite suspicious because most animals have a loving instinct toward humans. When he walked away the camel stopped which made my suspicions even stronger as why would the camel stop as soon as he left and no moan when I or a friend was near it!?

Upon arriving to the area where the activity took place we were early enough to see a previous group come back from there camel riding experience and as they were ready to get down the camels dropped as if in pain!

With a closer look I noticed all the camels where tied together as if in a centipede like way with a metal cage over there mouth with they kept chewing on and trying to move around as if it was uncomfortable.

I understand that camels are used to heavy loads and constant walking in the sun but there is a limit on how much they should take!

I am making this post to just make people aware of how animals are treated daily, we may think this is a fun activity and all but these are animals that should have rights too not just live for human entertainment!

They are being abused for profit! Plain and simple, there living conditions are appalling! They have a tiny area out back where they stay from 4pm until 8am the next day!

These animals are out every day! Charging €12 per person for a 25 minute trip! They carry 2 people per camel, they tell you that they can bare the weight but it’s not true! Yes I paid and was ‘involved’ but I didn’t enjoy the ride it was very uncomfortable, the camels felt like their legs could give way any second, I’m glad that I now see how people exploit animals for profit and it’s not right, they don’t have a voice to speak for them self so it up to people like me to make everyone aware! If we stop spending money going to these animal attractions then less animals would be harmed! It’s shocking that there are hardly any wild camels anymore, we are the cause of animal extinction!

Yes I do eat meat but there is a difference between that and animal cruelty and enslavement!


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