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Revered as a sacred symbol representing Divine connection for nearly 5000 years, the ancient Tree of Life is now immortalized for your personal use in this beautiful necklace.


Ancient Mesopotamians as far back as 2390 BCE worshipped the tree as a symbol of immortality and rebirth.

For the Celts, it was the embodiment of balance and harmony in nature.
To the ancient Maya, it represented the spiritual connection of all things through Heaven, Earth and the Underworld.
From ancient Egypt and modern Islam, to Norse and Chinese Mythology, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and dozens of other cultures and religions throughout human history, this universal symbol represents creation, enlightenment, rebirth, and spiritual connection to the Divine, in the purest form.
It truly is one of the most moving and easily recognizable spiritual symbols of mankind.
And now, your powerful Tree of Life Pendant can help you connect to Source whenever, and wherever you may be on your spiritual journey.

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This beautiful hypnotherapy audio session will strengthen your spiritual connection to the world around you. 


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Far Cry 5 Has Arrived

I’ve Got The Game Have You?


From being able to choose your Gender, To choosing your appearance. Ubisoft have STEPPED UP with the release of FAR CRY 5!

I wont give too much away but the gameplay is endless, I will be investing a LOT of time into this game I’m a little embarrassed to admit!

If you have been keeping up with the Far Cry series then you KNOW we are in for a treat! Using my affiliate link you can get NEXT DAY DELIVERYSELRES_9a8b848c-39dd-4bb8-8b02-2b8e8f7415caSELRES_90ebf4c3-c8f8-4a65-89ff-74dc972e0640SELRES_f8e78d40-9bf7-4c8f-83a0-642c1109922fSELRES_0f0e3b77-b9c5-4f5b-b4e8-a46c6aa5f414SELRES_0f7ee3da-894d-443f-99cd-993ecdc7190eSELRES_3ff7195c-0bee-42a7-9c0d-5cb94ab7e2dfSELRES_5b549172-4dc5-4f3a-9e18-f943326bb5f8 from Amazon!

RATED: 8/10 By:

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The Xbox One Link Is A GOLD EDITION

Digital Deluxe Pack includes: Big Game Hunter Pack, Ace Pilot Pack, Explosive Pack, Chaos Pack, AR-C Assault Rifle, and .44 Magnum Handgun with Unique Skins. Gold Edition includes the Game, Deluxe Pack, and Season Pass. Season Pass includes exclusive content, 3 unique DLCs:  “Dead Living Zombies”, “Hours of Darkness”, and “Lost on Mars”, and Far Cry 3® Classic Edition*. *Far Cry® 3 Classic Edition will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.  PC players who purchase the Season Pass or Far Cry® 5 Gold Edition will receive the full version of Far Cry® 3.


If bought, Thank you for using my affiliate link ( I will get a small commission) ENJOY!

I’m an Xbox Fan through and through (CaribbeanKush97) add my Live! Follow my streams and gameplay clips.

Online multiplayer (1-12)
Online co-op
4K Ultra HD

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5 Ways To Save And Make Money!


Are you terrible at saving money?

Do you wish you had more disposable income?

Great! Because right here in this blog I will tell you 5 ways to make or save money. In relation to my previous post ‘ 5 ways to make money on WordPress’ below are just a few of many ways to increase your savings!

1. Generate a new source of income.


Now I’m not saying go out and apply for another job, there are more ways to generate a new source of income than working an additional 20+ hours a week. With the freedom of the internet more and more people are working from home. From product reviews to drop shipping you could make this ‘extra’ income  become a great source of income!

Even using WordPress can start earning you £30,000 PLUS each month alone! BECOME YOUR OWN BOSS (well that is my goal at least)

I’ve tried paid surveys trust me but none of them were even worth the time or effort but I got a $50 BONUS and so can you  all you have to do is sign up at TakeSurveysForCash  TODAY! Click my affiliate link to sign up for free today!

2. Sell your unwanted items.


From EBay to Amazon, Gumtree and Shpock & many,many more you can sell your unwanted items from the comfort of your own home on your smart phone or via laptop for FREE! Whilst decluttering and gaining additional space and storage in your home you will also profit from it and maybe even gather regular and quick sales!

With Ebay you can get paid straight into your paypal where as other buying/selling sites It can be cash in hand!

3. Budget your money.


When you get that cheque or direct deposit from work, Or you get your Tax rebate, Or even find a loose £20 note. Don’t go spending it all at once!

Do you think about what you’re going to spend your money on before you even have it? Pace yourself, know what’s important and what you can ideally live without.

Write down what bills you will be paying, work out all the extras you need to survive and whatever is left, Put it away! If you have a habit of ‘breaking your piggy bank’ give your money, bank card or what ever you use to withdraw and get your money to someone who you can trust so you’re not tempted.

4. Open and Cash ISA or a savings account.


Just in case you didn’t already know ISA stands for Investment Savings Account which you can save up to £20,000 a year tax-free! Meaning you don’t pay tax on the interest accrued. Funding for lending is  government backed scheme that drives money into banks. Separate your money from your everyday current account and soon enough you will have more money than you first invested into your savings.

5. Give up the bad habits.


If you’re a smoker, STOP ( you’ve probably heard this more than a few times but it sounds harder than it is) If you’re from the UK (like me) then you should know the NHS offers free stop smoking kits and advice. Just think about all the money you could save in a month alone?? If you smoke 20 a day you could save an average of £186 a month and also save your health! I don’t know what else to tell you to convince you this is a quick way to start saving extra money!.. and once again YOUR HEALTH! Who wants to pay MULTI-million dollar companies to help slowly kill you? EXACTLY.

SAY NO TO DOMINOS! Yea you might be tired after a long day at work so you don’t feel like cooking or you think you should just treat yourself to a take away, well think again. Eating a great tasty meal could cost you as little as £3 or even less! So when you think about a nice meal out, beans on toast will do just fine.

So there you have it, my 5 ways to MAKE and SAVE money starting RIGHT NOW!

You already have the basic information to make a change in your current finances you have no excuses! Nobody wants to be poor, everyone wants to be richy rich, No one put in the time and effort.

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