Drinking tap water is poisoning

Have you ever given your cat or dog tap water for there bowl? They didn’t drink it straight away did they? They walked around the bowl and after a period of time then drank the water!That’s because there are things added to tap water that are not good for our body!

95% of the human body is liquid and out of that 95% 85% is water!

Don’t drink still water unless you are fasting as it robs your body of minerals.

Don’t drink mineral water as it is radio active.

Spring water is the best for your body as it doesn’t have to be processed through the system like a smoothly or fresh orange juice would.

90% of tap water is Fluoride in the USA. Your pineal gland ( third eye) is the only thing in your body that absorbed fluoride! So yes drinking tap water damages your pineal gland rendering your third eye useless!

Stop drinking tap water!!!

Grab yourself a water filter or purifier today from amazon! Stop drinking this poison which is doing nothing but harming your body!